The company  "Tacoma Creative Solution" was established to conduct business in the Tacoma in 2018.

General directions:



Mission statement:

Tacoma Creative Solutions contributes to development of our community and prosperity of talents in Tacoma city through consultation, training and problem solving projects by using Systemic Innovations for individuals, parents, businesses and non-profit organizations in field of healthcare, education and other areas.



 Problems from the client’s opinion point of view:

If the case is complicated, then in the case of caregiver’s illness, the client's relatives must conduct training for a new caregiver. The agency can't pay for this training and send in advance a person to train another caregiver. The client has no choice there is no possibility to choose a good caregiver from several options in advance.

Where to find an organization that can solve this problem?


Problems from an agency’s opinion point of view:

There is always a situation where there are not enough good caregivers. This problem is aggravated when a caregiver gets sick suddenly, and the agency needs to find someone urgently, it is a headache for supervisors in any agency.

Is it possible to create an "In Call" system so that a supervisor can call and quickly find a matching caregiver?

Problems from the caregiver’s point of view:

It is very difficult to find cases for a new caregiver, so that there is a load of 40 hours per week. And a similar situation happens when the client dies and the caregiver loses his job.

There are situations when the client smokes and the caregiver is nearby, it is forced to be a passive smoker harming caregiver’s health. Some time there are difficult situations where caregivers need encouragement, psychological support, but no one can help him.

Who could help for caregivers in solving their problems?

 At the moment, our general target is to study the problems more thoroughly. We will classify these problems in order to identify the key reasons that these problems have been created. Then we will find the best way to eliminate these causes.

 We also plan to do:
Find opportunities to stimulate good caregivers.
Provide matching caregivers and clients.
To find a best way for cooperation with agencies, union and government organizations to solve the problems together.
To find an opportunity to create a non-profit organization that can help to solve the problems.
Create projects that increase the social status of the caregiver’s profession in society through creating documentary movies, stories and books.



A. Cooperation between different Christian churches and other religion confessions, including: help each other to create programs so that to solve socially significant problems of our community

B. To help peoples with mental and physical disabilities to find best way for social rehabilitation, including education, job opportunities and family creation 

C. To help parents, including young mothers and fathers with children to identify and solve children problems including to give parents recommendations regarding children education and their capabilities, nurture confidence and responsibility through organization of work with parents and children

D. To help young and old people to find friends for a creation family or just communication/protection from loneliness

A. Identify clean indicators of the success of the organization in accordance with the strategic plan and mission of the company.

B. Indicate the level of innovative technologies that the company use. Design a recommendations to increase the level of innovations and cost savings.

C. Discovery of problems and contradictions in the organization's production process and the creation of recommendations for successful development.

 D. Presentation of innovative technologies that allow predict the  development of the markets.

E. Conducting consultations and training for teachers on methods for developing the creative abilities of students.

 F. Assistance for organizations to identify their creative potential and recommendations for their best cultivation.


Developing creative thinking and confidence for children and teens. Contact to us to get more info about the project.

1. What technologies do you use to create innovation and what is your experience?

Our main tool for identifying problems, solving them and creating innovations is the Systematic Innovation method. We have been working in this field for more than 30 years.
2. Do we need volunteers? Yes, we need volunteers, let us know about it please.

 Contact information:

 Vladimir Nekrasov

Phone: 1 253 287 9886 (for texting only)












































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